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Our Process

In order to help our clients navigate their finances and embark on their journey toward pursuing their goals we take the time to plot the course - making sure we have everything we need for the voyage toward a more secure financial future. Throughout our process, we work to prepare you for tomorrow without sacrificing your ability to experience life’s rewards today.

01. Explore

Your financial journey begins with a preliminary, introductory discussion where we seek to learn about you and your lifestyle. We will ask questions about your current situation, your goals and priorities, and discuss risk and reward in your portfolio. This allows us to formulate a wealth management strategy that’s personalized to you and your needs. This free, no-obligation exploration gives each of us the opportunity to evaluate our fit before traveling forward together.

02. Chart

At this meeting, you’ll get a full view of your current situation and the steps needed to pursue your goals. Together we’ll map out a specific action plan and investment portfolio that is in step with helping you move towards your goals. This financial map forms the basis for our work together.

03. Confirm

The confirmation meeting is where we put the chartered plan into action. We also discuss our engagement standards to set up our relationship for long-term success. We sign the necessary documents that are required for us to work together, including new account applications and transfer forms.

04. Organize

It can be overwhelming to manage all the logistics and paperwork needed to embark on your financial journey. At this meeting, we streamline the process and make sure that you know how to access your account information online. We also begin collaborating with members of our carefully selected expert team of financial professionals to curate custom solutions from our folio of options for your advanced planning needs.

05. Reconfirm

Periodic meetings are needed to reconfirm your goals and your situation – detours and life changes may mean we need to make adjustments. At your first progress meeting, we’ll also prioritize and implement the advanced planning topic(s) of greatest importance to you. In every progress meeting, we review your advancement toward your long-term financial goals.


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